Join this buy now pay later supermarket without a credit check

Join this buy now pay later supermarket without a credit check

There is no avoiding the weekly shop. Whether you are feeding a large and hungry family or you only have yourself to take care of, grocery shopping is vital. However, it’s not always a stress free and enjoyable experience. If you are struggling financially, grocery shopping can be difficult. With supermarkets charging over the odds for products and a lot of things needing to be bought at once, anyone with limited funds can run into a problem or two. Luckily, Flava is able to help. Flava is an online supermarket offering 'Buy Now, Pay Later’ grocery payments. Rather than paying for everything upfront, the cost of your shopping can be spread over the course of a few weeks. This means you end up paying for your shopping in smaller and more manageable amounts.

Can Anyone Sign Up and Use ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ at Flava?

There is no denying the impact a bad credit score or poor credit rating can have, especially if you are hoping to shop using credit. A lot of companies offering credit will turn you down if you have bad credit, assuming that you won’t be able to keep up with the payments. This can be a huge problem for anyone who is struggling financially, anyone who has a budget that won’t stretch far enough and anyone who needs to do their shopping before payday. To avoid this, Flava offers credit to everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you have a good credit score or a bad credit score, you can buy groceries on a 'Buy Now, Pay Later' basis at Flava.

Signing up and using 'Buy Now, Pay Later' at Flava is very easy. All you need to do is sign up, receive credit and start your grocery shopping. There are no lengthy waits to be approved, which is a huge benefit for anyone wanting to get their weekly shop over and done with as soon as possible. Undergoing a credit check can be time consuming, but this is avoided completely at Flava. With no credit checks being done, there are no credit scores to take into account. Don’t make the mistake of assuming 'Buy Now, Pay Later' is only available to certain people, as Flava ensures that it’s available to everyone.

'Buy Now, Pay Later' Grocery Shopping

Though Flava is relatively new, it has already garnered a number of fans and thousands of registered users. When you consider the beneficial impact it has on grocery shopping, it’s easy to see why so many people are flocking to the website. If you think you could benefit from being able to spread the cost of your shopping and pay the total at a later date, it’s well worth looking into Flava. After all, the thousands of existing users can’t be wrong. Once you start shopping at Flava, you will wonder why you ever shopped anywhere else.