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It’s hard to find a bigger and better Android phone than the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, with it’s amazing 6.2-inch curved screen and brilliant low light dual lens camera.

Granted the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus looks exactly like the S8 Plus, but it does add new features like the fingerprint sensor location for one.
It’s now center-aligned on the back. The speakers are not stereo, offering a wider range of sound.
The new AR Emoji is a brilliant feature which will be in competition with the new iPhone X’s.

Although the price was hard to justify at launch, there is nothing stopping you grabbing the Galaxy S9 plus now as newer releases are coming.

9.5 Total Score
Big and bold

Having the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is not just about having the best device on the market, it's a fashion statement for those who are not willing to go with the mainstream market.

Video quality
Sound quality
  • Big beautiful screen
  • Amazing camera
  • Super fast device
  • Doesn't look much different to the S8 Plus
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