Accepted mobile’s contract phones for bad credit

No credit checks

Being turned down for a phone contract is a stressful and time-consuming experience, as it means you have to spend more time figuring out a way to find a contract phone for bad credit. Contract phones are easy to manage if you have the funds to support them, compared to a pay as you go phone that could potentially land you with unnecessary data charges and costs.


Only the best contract phones for bad credit

You may think that if you have bad credit, that a beneficial contract is unattainable and you will likely be landed with one that doesn’t give you the best offers.


However here at Accepted Mobile, we don’t believe in credit scores. We believe that everyone should be given the same rights to a great contract that is right for them. This means that we carry out ZERO credit checks in the beginning of your contract, and throughout as we don’t see the point in them. Instead, we just ensure that no matter how little your budget is, you are able to pay your bill easily and with no hassle. This means that you will be free to use your contract phone for bad credit with no worries about unpaid bills or high charges as your contract will be tailored for you. So, at no point do you need to worry about credit checks or your credit score at all, as here at Accepted Mobile, we believe there is a contract for everyone.


Our setup process therefore only takes a few minutes, as we of course will require your personal information and you will tell us your budget so we can help you find a contract phone for bad credit.

We have many contracts available and many phones to choose from as well. Our contract phones for bad credit may seem like they will be of a lower quality and less updated, but here at Accepted Mobile we have a great range of phones. From Samsung, Apple and others, we will provide you with the best phone for you. If you want a simple and easy to use phone, or a more updated and better quality handset, then we are sure we will have one to provide you with.


Contract phones are much easier to manage, and getting one with Accepted Mobile will only be easier. Bad credit scores are now a thing of the past, and being able to set up with us today, begs the question what’s stopping you? No matter your credit score, you are guaranteed to get accepted with us. So go on, find the contract for you today.