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Got her New Galaxy S6 Edge.

"A friend recommended me to Accepted I was was with EE but left them. Simply the best cust service I have ever dealt with. Honest and very friendly. Have already recommended to a few people"

Miss Longhurst, Wolverhapton

Our customers

On it's way - a new iPhone 6s in Rose Gold.

"Tried to get a contract from vodaphone and was declined. Signal 4G is Brilliant. I have recommended to my family"

Miss Donlinska, London

Our Customers

Brand New Galaxy S6.

"I joined Accepted as they did no credit check on me and tried all the major networks and was turned down. Service is fantastic and cust serv very good. Recommended."

Mrs Devlin, Glasgow

Our Customers

Just got his iPhone 6s.

"Tried with Vodafone and Carphone warehouse but was declined due to credit history and Accepted Mobile accetped me. Service is good and customer service very helpful"

Mr Reid, South Lanarkshire

Our Customers

Has her iPhone 5C.

"Was unable to get a contract anywhere, tried Tmobile and O2. Service is Brilliant as is the Signal Strength. Would hightly recommended."

Miss Down, Merseyside

Our Customers

Enjoying her new iPhone 6S.

"Found us on the internet and gave them a go didn't apply anwhere else. No issues with the process and they have been great. Defo recommend"

Miss Keating, Leeds

Our Customers

Sent her new iPhone 5S.

"Was highly recommended by a friend who said service was great and easy to apply. Fabulous product that gives everyone another chance. Good Customer Service"

Miss Compton, West Midlands

Our Customers

Got his iPhone 6S Plus.

"The reason I choose Accepted was a spure of the moment thing as was already with EE but wanted a change. Good customer service very helpful. Recommend most def."

Mr Reason, Broadway

Our Customers

Just got his iPhone 6 Plus.

"I didn't try anywhere else as I knew I would fail a Credit Check. Brilliant customer service and amazing product. I would recommend to anyone."

Mr Campbell, Fife

Our Customers

Has a new Galaxy S6 Edge.

"Had bad credit as was in an IVA so was declined by Voda and EE. With no credit score Accepted did enable me to get the handset and contract I wanted. 100% Recommend"

Miss Greed, Hampshire

Our Customers

Got her new Galaxy A3.

"Couldn't get a contract anywhere turned down by O2 was browsing the web and found Accepted. Finally got the hanset I was looking for when no one else could. Defo recommended"

Mrs Wardle, Birmingham