Setting Up a Bad Credit Mobile Phone Conctract

Setting Up a Bad Credit Mobile Phone Conctract

If you’ve just stumbled upon our page here at Accepted Mobile, then you’re in for a treat. Setting up a phone contract is something that is although slightly time consuming, a quicker and easier way to manage your mobile once it’s done. For those of you with a good credit score, the benefits and contract opportunities are unlimited, meaning you can get the best deal possible for you. However those with a low credit score, can potentially find this a struggling task. Low credit scores mean that in the future, obtaining a contract that is fair, inexpensive, and providing you with the best deals is not as attainable. Perhaps you are finding yourself in this situation today as you glance through our website looking for a bad credit mobile contract if you do in fact have a low credit score. So fear not, because here at Accepted Mobile, we specify in helping those with a low credit score, to get the bad credit mobile contract that is right for them.

You may be under the impression that setting up a bad credit mobile contract will be even more time-consuming, and not have that many benefits for you either. But this is not true, because we specify in only helping those with a bad credit score. This means, that nobody will be preferred over you, and the quality of our contracts we offer will be the same quality for everyone.

A bad credit mobile contract is easier than you think

Our setup process only takes a few minutes, as we require a few details from you in order to get you your perfect bad credit mobile contract. The reason it only takes a few minutes, is because we carry out NO credit checks in the beginning of your contract with us and throughout. That’s because in dealing with people solely with bad credit, means that credit scores aren’t viewed as important to us. So don’t worry about your score when setting up a contract with us, as we won’t take it into account or even ask for it. Because of this, we 100% guarantee that you will be offered a bad credit mobile contract with us.

You also get to pick out your mobile phone! Many contracts will limit you to certain phones and handsets depending on your score, but here at Accepted Mobile, we believe that you should get the phone that’s right for you. We can offer you the latest IPhone, Samsung, Nokia and many more depending on what you want, for as little a £2.36 a week depending on your budget.

So what’s stopping you? Set up a bad credit mobile contract with us today at Accepted Mobile, and get the best contract and phone for you that tailors to your budget, and not your credit score.