Your Bad Credit Mobile Contract

Bad Credit Mobile Contract

It is clear to see that right now, the world is making bigger leaps than ever before, and more exploration is being done in fields that a 100 years ago, were not even thought of yet. The rise of technology, is one of them. 50 years ago, phones were connected by a wire on a wall, and now, not only do we have the availability of them in our pockets, they now can do many more things than just calling and texting.

With this rise in technology, and it becoming easier and easier to stay connected with the rest of the world, it can be seen as important to keep up. Phone companies such as Apple and Samsung, are coming out with new phones every year in an attempt to beat the other, and provide us with the best possible benefits combined into one handy smartphone.

For those of us who have the money, and a good credit score, these handsets will deal to benefit us greatly, and we wouldn’t worry about not being able to obtain one. For those of us with bad credit, this can seem a surprisingly apprehensive and uneasy process.

Bad credit can come about for a number of reasons, such as late contract payments or an inability to pay them at all. It is surprisingly easy to obtain, and once you have it, it can affect you being able to get a great contract or phone that’s right for you. If keeping updated is a priority of yours, and you have bad credit, then it can be difficult to get the latest handset that you want.

Not to mention that bad credit mobile contracts often don’t give you the best deal for the budget you have, and providers will be reluctant to trust you with the best contract or phone due to your low credit score. This can impede you getting the best mobile phone, and the best mobile contract for you.

But here at Accepted Mobile, we specialise in helping those with bad credit, and offering you the best contract for your budget. We understand that bad credit can come about for a number of reasons, so aim to give you the best bad credit mobile contract possible, so that you can stay connected and updated, and not have to worry about losing out.

We have been around for a while, and have made sure to constantly update our contracts and phones to bring you the best one for you. Here at Accepted Mobile, we believe in these three things:

1. Zero Credit Checks- when you apply for a contract with any provider, having them check your credit score can be a scary and uneasy part of setting up a contract as you may be declined f the score is too low. We want to take away that fear and uneasiness, and instead carry out no credit checks at the start of your contract or throughout. Due to us specialising in those with bad credit, we simply don’t need to check them in order to set up your bad credit mobile contract with us, as we don’t view them as an important factor of our business. So you can let go of that fear, as regardless of your score, we won’t take it into account and you are 100% guaranteed to be accepted with us.

2. Easy Set-up and Easy Budgets- due to us not carrying out credit checks, our set-up process for your bad credit mobile contract only takes a few minutes and can be set-up today! Because of no credit checks, this means that we set-up a monthly payment that you will be able to stick to easily. This can be as little as £2.36 a week, and means you will receive no hassling phone calls or extra payments on top of your contract with us. Whatever your budget, we’re sure we can find a bad credit mobile contract for you.

3. You get to choose your phone- whether you want something simple and easy to use, or more updated and quirky, we have a fantastic range of mobile handsets to choose from. We keep up to date with the latest Apple, Samsung and Nokia products, to provide you with the best phone with your contract so you can stay updated and reap the benefits

What are you waiting for? Your worries about your bad credit score can be a thing of the past, and you can now remain fully updated and connected with zero credit checks, a stress free budget and set-up system, and a brand new phone.